CFRC 101.9 FM Series

05: Curating for Change: Simon Frith and Jo Haynes in a Keynote Conversation (Episode 5).

04: Curating for Change: An Interview with Jessica Roda (Episode 4).

03: Curating for Change: An Interview with Anna St.Onge (Episode 3).

02: Curating for Change: An Interview with Steve Waksman (Episode 2).

01: Curating for Change: Candice Hopkins and Alan Greyeyes in Conversation (Episode 1).

ASL Content

07: Enacting Local Forms of Sustainability at the Guapamácatro Centre for Art & Ecology and the DGTL Festival – Alicia Marvan and Lucas Zarzoso in Conversation.

06: Mance Lipscomb’s Silhouette: Region, Race, Expertise, and Digitization at the Berkeley Folk Music Festival Project – A presentation by Michael J. Kramer.

05: Jody Cripps and Chris Dodd: In Conversation.

04: There Will Be Trouble – A presentation by Amitesh Grover.

03: Michel Levasseur and Ajay Heble: In Conversation.

02: The Creative Response: Art & Resistance – A Keynote by William Parker and Patricia Nicholson.

01: Signed Music in the Deaf Community: Performing The Black Drum at Festival Clin d’Oeil (by Jody H. Cripps, Ely Lyonblum, and Anita Small).


17: Alternative Models of Community and Social Cooperation – A Talk by Ajay Heble (+ A Conversation with Eric Fillion).

16: The Cubans are Coming! ¡Afrocubanismo! and the “Artistic Coup” of Banff – A podcast by Melissa Noventa.

15: Notes on Part 2 of Curating for Change (by Joe Sorbara).

14: “We Are Building a Social Revolution”: Reflections on Part Two of Curating for Change (by Chris Greencorn).

13: The Tree of Festivals (by Carey West).

12: Music, Joy, and Positionality: Learning Responsibility as a Festival Attendee (by Victoria Seta Cosby).

11: Book of Rules: One Reggae Anthem and Its Trouble with “Tradition” – A presentation by Jason Wilson.

10: The Guelph Jazz Festival – A Rogers TV Documentary (2013).

09: The Work in the World (by Carey West).

08: Notes on Part 1 of Curating for Change (by Joe Sorbara).

07: Society in Its Subjunctive Mood: Reflections on Part One of Curating for Change: The Work Music Festivals Do in the World (by Chris Greencorn).

06: A Two-Part Response to Part 1 of Curating for Change (by Victoria Seta Cosby).

05: Nine Note Sketches | 26 August 2022 (by Ben Finley).

04: George Lipsitz Speaking on the Film Soul Power.

03: Clarke Mackey Speaking on the Film Festival Express.

02: The Festival Express 50th Anniversary 1970–2020 (by James Cullingham).

01: Why Music Festivals Now? Ellen Waterman and Ajay Heble in Conversation.